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Bike to the Beach

posted Oct 2, 2012, 7:42 AM by Keith Biegert
As mentioned at last Wednesday’s troop meeting, declare for the Bike Trip will be this Wednesday, October 3 (one week earlier than usual because of PLC schedule).  Patrol leaders should be contacting their patrols in the next day or two to get a final list.  

A great ride on the Outer Banks in Cape Hatteras is planned.  The ride distance will be around 35 miles total.  An out and back ride with stops planned at the Cape Hatteras lighthouse and additional points of interest for some rest.  Cool ocean breezes and flat terrain.   

Trip Details

We will depart from Kroger on October 19 at 5 pm.  We will travel to a KOA Campground on the Outer Banks and set camp.  We will complete our ride on Saturday starting out around 9 am and returning to camp around 4:30 pm.  On Sunday morning we will break camp, have a Scout’s Own and be ready to leave by 9 am.

Arrangements have been made to be able to rent a bike for $20.  When you sign-up for the trip please let your patrol leader know if you are renting  and  if you are renting, tell your patrol leader your height also.  It will help the bike shop prepare the correct bikes.  The troop is covering the cost of the campground for 2 nights.  Grubmaster fees are per normal outing.

You can bring your own bike, you just need to make arrangements with an adult that has a bike rack to see if they have room to transport.  You will also need to have it inspected prior to the trip (most likely week of October 15 – details to follow).  All attendees should bring their own helmet, water bottle, Camelback or small day pack.

Patrols will have planning time at the October 17 meeting.  Meals that need to be planned are:

o        Saturday Breakfast – not to elaborate – we need to leave for bike shop 8:30 am.  Keep in mind it must be nutritional since we have a full day of riding ahead. 
o        Saturday Lunch – should be a bag lunch that is carried.  Also include fruit, trail mix as a nutritional snack.
o        Saturday Dinner – you have plenty of time to prepare a good meal.  Remember to request QM supplies.
o        Sunday Breakfast – plenty of time as long as you plan breakdown of camp to be fully packed to leave by 9:00 am.

Registered adults wanting to go should contact Barry Hageter.

The good thing about the coast is it is flat, the bad thing is that it is flat – meaning no coasting downhill like the first half of the Virginia Creeper. Pedaling will be required.  It would be a good idea to get a few rides in before we go.  The American Tobacco Trail (Cary/Apex side) is an excellent ride.

If you working on Camping Merit Badge, you should be able to use this ride as one of the options for Requirement 9b (Take a bike trip of at least 15 miles or at least four hours).  This would mean that you already have a Blue Card or you get one signed prior to the trip – it will be your responsibility to get the requirement signed off during the trip. Adult memories fade quickly, so get the sign-off that weekend.

Patrol Leaders – remember collect name, renting bike (yes/no), if renting – height of scout.

I will start collecting fees and permission slips Wednesday.
Mr. Hageter