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posted Dec 1, 2014, 5:14 AM by Keith Biegert   [ updated Dec 1, 2014, 5:15 AM ]
I hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving break… to store up energy for this week’s push!

Some of our scouts got an early start to the scouting festivities, participating in the 50 miler OA Hike starting Saturday and finishing Sunday. I sincerely apologize if I miss anyone, but I believe participating were:

Wayne Polonio
Justin Polonio
Matthew Kehn
Nico Kehn
Laura Kehn
Glenn Glass
Thomas Houser
Malana Houser
Alex Dickerson
Doug Dickerson

Troop 212 again showed its willingness to go the extra mile! (or 50)

This is a busy week. We only have three “events” but there is a lot to do:

Wednesday night:

I imagine you will be getting an email briefing from our Luminaria Crew, but Wednesday, our Troop meeting is from 6pm to 9pm at the Parish Center. 
It is kit building night, and we will gather help from parents and scouts to get ALL of our kits built in one night!
If we are done early… we go home early!

Wednesday will also be a time to Recharter your scout with the troop (sign him up for next year). $75 is the fee, +$12 if they want to use Boys Life. + $10 for yearly OA dues.  If you want to use “Scout account” money, let me know, and I can hopefully let you know how much they have. 

Wednesday will also be the first of two sign-ups for the Family Ski Trip to West Virginia. You should be getting a more detailed email soon, but participation is $115 for all scouts and scouters, the full $125 for non-registered parents and siblings. 
This is an almost yearly, much anticipated trip! Two nights, room, food, rental gear, lift tickets and a lesson… for $115. You CANNOT beat it!
It is a GREAT slope for beginner skiers. Just ask MY kids! They all learned to ski here!
Fees are less for non-skiers (just room and board), and room at the lodge is reserved for the first 80 people (scouts and family) who sign up. 
There will be an optional $14 for tubing 7 to 9pm for those interested, who don’t want to “night ski”. 
Sign up will NOT be by patrol, as this is a family trip.
Ski trip is to Winterplace in West Virginia, on January 23-25. Payment is due by December 10


Saturday is Kit Delivery day. Your neighborhood captain should be giving you details on time, place, and plan
Saturday night is also Climbing “Lock-In” at Triangle Rock Club in Morrisville. Patrol leaders should be giving a tentative attendance list on Wednesday night to Mr. Vasarhelyi.
Payment is NOT due Wednesday.
Payment IS DUE Saturday, including the troop permission slip AND the TRC permission slip!

Brian Bowman