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November Troop-O-Ree

posted Oct 28, 2012, 8:35 AM by Troop212 Administrator   [ updated Oct 31, 2012, 3:29 PM by Keith Biegert ]

Troop-O-Ree camping trip coming up November 9-11. What’s unusual is that we have no meetings beforehand, so all coordination will have to be done outside of meetings. This Wednesday there is no meeting. Next Wednesday is luminary sandbagging. I am acting as Campmaster for this trip.


DECLARE NIGHT IS STILL October 31st (this Wednesday). Patrol leaders, please get on this ASAP and publish your results by Wednesday evening, sooner if possible. You have all day today to get started.


SPL Andy, please play the role of telephone sheepdog to make sure this is getting done, since you won’t have a meeting to remind anyone.


The campout will be at Camp Campbell, located on Kerr Lake. It’s about a 90 minute drive from here. We’re finalizing a plan for what we’ll be doing, so stay tuned. As promised, there will be opportunities to get some requirements sign-offs done. We’ll also have a contingent of Cubs with us. Mr. Karlik and Mr. Fitzgerald are handling that part of it.


The site is within reasonable walking distance of a lake beach. The campground is primitive, no shelters nearby. There are some hiking trails but the area is not overly large so they aren’t long.


The overall theme is kind of a slack camp but with opportunities to be involved in various activities. There will be a geocaching course. There will be some support for getting EDGE requirements signed off. Some of the adults will have some demonstrations to visit. More ideas are in play.


Lake fishing is a possibility, but know that if you are older than 14 you need to have a permit to fish. You need to get this on your own. You have less than two weeks, .


We will be having an Iron Chef contest for lunch on Saturday that the troop will fund for the food, so grubmasters don’t need to plan for lunch.


More details to follow.


Mr. Dole