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Summer Camp is coming

posted Jan 14, 2015, 12:27 PM by Keith Biegert   [ updated Jan 14, 2015, 12:51 PM ]
One of the highlights of the boy scout program that is open to all boy scouts is the summer camp experience.  What is summer camp?  Summer camp is a week long camping experience typically at a BSA Council owned camp that has been certified to meet national standards.   During this time at camp, which lasts from Sunday to Saturday, boys camp in a tent pitched on a platform that they share with one other scout.  They eat meals in a camp facility that have been prepared by the camp staff.  At our own Camp Durant the dining hall is air conditioned!  There is even a webcam inside where you can maybe catch a glimpse of your scout 3 times a day.  Camp Durant campsites offer fully plumbed restroom and shower houses.

Scouts use this time to work on merit badges and other advancement or to just have fun.  Summer camps offer merit badges that are not easily done away from camp such as swimming, archery, etc.  Studies show that scouts that participate in a summer camp stay in scouting and advance.

We are fortunate to have a quality camp in our Council.  Also our troop goes to TWO summer camps thus offering our scouts two weeks to get a full experience.

Summer camp is scheduled for June and July.  Check our calendar for dates.

A current medical form is required to attend and these weeks typically cost from $250 -$300 for the week which includes food and lodging and tons of fun.