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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to the Troop's email list?

    Troop 212 uses a Google hosted group to send email that is pertinent to the entire troop.  One way to subscribe is to send an email to "t212caryscouts+subscribe@googlegroups.com"

I have my own calendar software.  What is the URL of Troop 212 calendar so that I can subscribe?

How do I follow the Troop's Twitter feed?
    Just click on this link https://twitter.com/Troop212Cary

I am an Assistant Scoutmaster.  How do I subscribe to the ASM email list?
    Send an email to "t212caryasms+subscribe@googlegroups.com"

I am on the Troop's Committee.  How do I subscribe to the Committee email list?
    Send an email to "t212carycommittee+subscribe@googlegroups.com"

Where do I find a permission slip?

I do not have a Twitter account can I get the Troop's feed on my mobile device?
    No, sorry.  Our Tweets are marked as private for security reasons and therefore Twitter will force you to login to a Twitter account to see them.

My son is the "Grubmaster".  What does that mean?
    It means that your son is the scout responsible for purchasing the food (with your assistance) for his Patrol for the next camping trip.  The cost of the food will be divided equally across the number of scouts in his Patrol that are attending.  Money should be collected by your son in the parking lot before we leave from his Patrol members so that you may be reimbursed.

How should the Grubmaster bring the food to a camping trip?
    The troop does not provide any coolers or containers for the Patrols to hold their food and supplies for a weekend.   Please loan your son a cooler and a rigid container, preferably one with a lid that seals i.e. a rubbermaid container.  Masking tape with his Patrol name on it (and yours) helps quite a bit.

I have heard of "Declare Night".  What does that mean?
    Approximately two weeks before a camping trip we have all scouts that are planning to attend the trip "declare" that they are going.  The Patrol Leaders make a list of the scouts going and turn that in to the Senior Patrol Leader.  Eventually the adult coordinating the trip will get the list and arrange for reservations, transportation, file BSA paperwork, etc.   Patrols use the list to determine their food menu and to know how many people to buy for.  Scouts that declare that they are going are responsible for paying their share of the grub fee whether they actually attend the trip or not.

I was not at the meeting on Declare Night.  Can I still go?  
    Scouts who miss the declare night meeting should contact their Patrol Leader that night and ask him to add them to the list.  Generally speaking our adult coordinators publish the list of attendees for a trip via email to solicit corrections and additions.  Don't miss the deadline or wait until the last minute to decide if you are going.