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Annual Council Popcorn Sale

We believe in enabling scouts to learn valuable life lessons by earning money to pay for their scouting activities.  Each year Troop 212 participates in the Council's popcorn sale.  Each Troop's proceeds are approximately 30% of its total sales.   Troop 212 extends that to its scouts.  Each scout that optionally participates builds up credits in a troop account that correspond to 30% of their popcorn sales.

Scouts are permitted to use their popcorn account for scouting purposes only and it includes scout uniforms, camping equipment, fees for camping, fees to attend summer camp, jamborees or National High Adventure bases and more.

Its a win-win situation.  Our Council depends on popcorn sales to generate money for its operation expenses.  Our scouts get the opportunity to pay their own way for amazing scouting activities.

Troop 212 Holiday Luminaria

We strive to keep our membership costs to be a level that is very affordable by every family while funding a troop budget that permits our scouts to get a top notch program.

The primary component of our income is our once a year Holiday Luminaria project.  Because it is so important to the troop we require that all of our scouts participate fully in the activity.  We bag sand, build the kits and distribute them.  Once we are done we have the rest of the year to enjoy camping, boating and anything else the scouts can think of (as long as it is inline with the scouting program).

Like to read more about luminaria?   More can be found in our flyer.

Already have kits or just want to know how to assemble them?  Read this!